School of Biblical Studies


The School of Biblical Studies gives you the necessary tools for an effective and profound study of the Word of God. We believe that in it you will find the necessary foundations to serve in whatever ministry God is calling you to do, in addition to providing you with an adequate environment to fulfill the command to search the scriptures.


Recognized by the University of the Nations, it is known by CHR 221, CHR 322, CHR 323.


During the course the 66 books of the Bible are studied, each reading at least 5 times and in a personal way. We also have a practical phase whose duration depends on the availability of students time, the staff, and the place where the crusades are carried out (basically 2 months).

The Bible is the only text and study methodology allows you to speak for yourself. The text used is the Reina Valera version 1960. The student is also provided (as part of the study):


Recreations of historical context, extensive geographical, historical and archaeological information

On the other hand, the school has renowned Bible teachers and preachers.



  • Walter and Claudia



  • 15 of March - 30 of November


  • Registration  100 USD
  • Cost of the trimester: 1.200 USD
  • Total cost of the SBS: 3.600 USD





The main requirement is to have a right attitude of heart. Each student should come willing to allow God to work in his life, applying the truths harvested during many hours of study.

He must have a strong desire to work in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Have successfully passed the School of Discipleship and Missionary Training and have the authorization of your Pastor or Leader.