School of Worship


Our vision is to train the passionate worshipers of Jesus and His truth, trained with biblical foundations and musical abilities, which not only those who use to minister the heart of God and His people, but also those who use to be effective in To disciple nations in order to expand the Kingdom of God.


  • Give fulfillment to the great commission, using Praise and worship.
  • Train different people of the world with a lifestyle in worship.
  • Prepare leaders and worship teams willing to serve churches, social foundations, etc.
  • Strengthen ministries and callings in the worship area, delivering biblical and musical foundations.



  • Abigail Muñoz


  • 22 of March - 15 of August.
  • 22 of September 2017 - 1 of March.


  • Registration: 50 USD
  • Theoretical: 1,500 USD
  • Outreach:  1000 - 3.000 USD
  • 60% of school must be paid in first month.