Titus Project



Titus Project is designed for graduate students of the SBS (School of Biblical Studies) who have studied the Bible in an inductive way and have a passion for the Word of God. Many people want to teach and in fact love to do so, but do not know how to use the right tools. We, as Titus Project, want to equip these people so they can equip others around the world.

Recognized by the University of the Nations as School of Biblical Studies Field Assignment CHR 214.

The first three weeks, students are trained in how to teach, using tools and practicing them while being evaluated by staff.

The next 8 weeks is the outreach, working with churches/ministries around the world. The goal is to organize Bible Study seminars and equip leaders to continue Bible studies and make the word of God accessible to all. The last week is feedback time during which we wil analyze everything we have experienced about how we share the Truth and finally preparation for graduation.





  • Nehemías and María Claudia Reyes


  • January 7 - March 31, 2018


  • Lecture Phase: 400 $US
  • Outreach Phase: 600-2000 $US


  • Telephone: +56 9 75987588
  • Email: proyectotito@ywampichilemu.com


Having successfully completed the School of Biblical Studies.